Course Curriculum

    1. C-Factor and Theory of Mind

    2. Executive Function and Impulse Control

    3. Addressing Corporate Imbalance

    4. General Effects of Diversity

    5. Teamwork Relevant Business Applications

    1. The World of Raymond Cattell (The Core)

    2. The World of Bargh and Carson (Cognitive Disinhibition)

    3. The World of Epstein, Cameron and Stickgold

    4. Fear of Failure (Convergent/Divergent)

    5. What to Do About It (Imposter Syndrome)

    6. Creativity & Innovation Relevant Business Applications

    1. The Importance of Empathy and Theory of Mind

    2. The Neuroscience Behind the Behaviors

    3. Boosting Empathy and Theory of Mind

    4. Theory of Mind & Empathy Relevant Business Applications

    1. Are There Really Generational Personalities

    2. The Economics of Being a Millennial

    3. Introduction to Five Behavioral Insights

    4. Five Behavioral Insights

    5. Generational Issues Addendum

    6. Intergenerational Leadership Relevant Business Applications

    1. Executive Function Review—What Is It, Why It Matters

    2. Executive Function in the Real World

    3. Boosting Executive Function

    4. Strategy & Mission Relevant Business Applications

About This Course

  • $249.00
  • 32 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Instructor: Dr. John Medina

The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas Masterclass

A Guide For Optimizing Human Potential in the New World of Work


Dr John Medina


Dr. Medina is a developmental molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in human brain development and the genetics of psychiatric disorders. He has spent most of his professional life as a private research consultant, working primarily in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries on research related to mental health. Medina is an affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine. ​ Medina (Meh-DEE-nuh) was the founding director of the Talaris Research Institute, a Seattle-based research center originally focused on how infants encode and process information at the cognitive, cellular, and molecular levels. ​ Books Medina’s books include: Brain Rules (New York Times Bestseller), Brain Rules for Baby, Brain Rules for Aging Well, The Genetic Inferno, The Clock of Ages, Depression, What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s, The Outer Limits of Life, Uncovering the Mystery of AIDS, and Of Serotonin, Dopamine and Antipsychotic Medications. ​ Medina has a lifelong fascination with how the mind reacts to and organizes information. As the father of two grown children, one already in the workforce, he has an interest in how the brain sciences might influence the workplace of the future. In addition to his research, consulting, and teaching, Medina speaks often to public officials, business and medical professionals, school boards, military audiences and nonprofit leaders. ​ Medina lives in Seattle with his family